Build A Profitable Digital Business That Unlocks Your Freedom & Gives You Joy

Introducing, a proven way of building an online business that actually generates a sustainable profit

What it truly means to be free

Before you do it, going from "trying to start a business" to "having a profitable and meaningful business" feels complicated. It feels risky. Maybe even a little daunting.

But then, of course, you make a plan. And you try to make that plan happen.

And then, well—then you get stuck. And you don't just get stuck. You stay stuck—for a long, long time.

And maybe now, you're still stuck in a 9-5 job, working on something you don't really believe in—just to pay the bills. Maybe you're scraping money just to start the business again—even though, after a few failed tries, posting on social media every day didn't work.

And maybe, in the back of your head, you're a little terrified of having one income stream to rely on for the rest of your life.

On one level, you don't want that. No question about it. But on a deeper level, you feel like you have real, untapped potential that just isn't being used. It's the same potential that can be confusing when you're on Instagram, and you see people running their businesses online, enjoying their lives. 

In between feelings of (very understandable) envy, you think: Why is it working for that person, and not for me?

You feel like you're smart—so why can't you make this happen?

Maybe you want ownership over the things you do. Maybe you want your hand on the dials so your life looks exactly like you want it to look. Maybe you want to double your income, and never have to worry about what you're spending.

And maybe you want the flexibility to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want—for the rest of your life.

Whether you want to travel more, buy your dream house, or something small like taking the day off because you want to—we all have different visions of what our life could look like.

I'll tell you this because I've been there: This urge for a better life in the back of your head isn't random. It's also not to be ignored.

We're human beings who, at our core, want freedom over what we do and how we do it. It's a universal truth about us.

Anyone who leads the good life always has freedom—the autonomy to do whatever you want, when you want to do it, in the way you want to do it. It's basically a requirement to living well.

Obviously, freedom has many definitions. It can be a fuzzy word that doesn't really mean anything. But when I say freedom, I mean something very real, and something very practical. I mean the freedom to do what you want.

The freedom to take a run in the middle of the day—and then take the entire day off, just because you feel like it. 

The freedom to have lunch with a friend, not worry about the price, and then make the lunch 2 hours, because you're both having a good time.

That type of feeling changes your life. It simply makes you enjoy everything a little bit more. And it's not even about the money. 

I don't need to make a million bucks a year to feel free.

As long as you have some financial stability, you can be free.

In today's world, that's more important than ever. Look, I must be honest. The economy and global stability isn't looking great.

We're in a transition. We're scaling back on globalization. And there are many threats to the free world. We can no longer expect stability. 

We must create our own stability. How? By taking our careers in our own hands. I genuinely believe that you need to control your own financial destiny.

When I started earning my own money online in 2015, I didn't care it was "just" $300 a month. I cared that I generated that revenue myself, with my skills, and most importantly: By providing real value.

When you create a business that helps others, you will not only earn, you will also contribute to the world. 

That's what we need to build a better economy: More people who operate genuine and helpful businesses.

All of this might sound like a distant dream. But it's closer than you think.

That's why I created To me, it's much bigger than a course. It's a way of life.

Because the best way to have financial stability? The best way to have the freedom to live life on your terms? 

Start a business that's profitable, meaningful, and aligned with who you are. 

Even if you don't want to feel sleazy. Even if you "hate selling". Even if you don't know how to get traction, or find your first 1,000 true fans that'll actually want what you’re selling (hint: it doesn’t involve social media).

And even if you have no idea how to get repeat customers every month, and everything just seems too complicated. If you're stuck, and you don't know how to get out, it's not your fault. If things didn’t work out in the past, it has nothing to do with your effort.

Because building a business is not harder than working at a 9-5 job.

Yes—starting a business isn't easy. But it's not rocket science, either. And most of the time, the simple truth is that most people fail at starting a business not because it can’t be done, but because they lack a strategy that actually works.

So if you're ready to build a business that gives you profit and joy, and you're ready to be free, this course is for you.

And if you join me, I'll show you, step-by-step, how to get there.

What's inside is a complete system to start and grow a business. Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to validate a profitable business idea

  • How to find repeat customers who keep coming back

  • A strategy that boosted profit for a digital product by 74%

  • An exact breakdown of my product launch that generated $42K in a week

  • A real-life case study that breaks down a digital product that made $1,220/month within 46 days from scratch

Here's exactly what you'll get when you sign up.

Lifetime access to Members of will always be able to access the course material online. In addition to that, every member gets free access to all future updates and new material.

Personalized learning experience. As a student, you can pick from two learning tracks. In the Guided Track, you get weekly emails with a learning strategy and encouragement. If you prefer to go at it alone, you can opt out of these emails and pick the Solo Track. Regardless of the track you pick, you will get instant access to all the material in the course.

Q&A Archive. I did a series of 10 calls with students to answer their questions. You can watch all the recordings. We've covered pretty much every question students have in general.

Inner Circle newsletter. A secret newsletter I started for my private coaching clients. The Inner Circle newsletter goes out every first Sunday of the month. It's where I share my latest and most important insights.

If you recognize yourself in everything I talked about, feel free to join us. Simply click "Start Now" below, fill in the form on the checkout page, and get instant access. Once you sign up, you get your own account that you can use to log in from any device, download the material, and track your progress.

All the best on your journey, my friend.


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Registration is currently closed. I will share details about the registration on my newsletter. If you're already subscribed, I will let you know when the course is open. Not a member yet? Join for free:

About Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Darius Foroux, a digital entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. I've created more than a dozen digital products, including 7 books, 2 audiobooks, 6 online courses, a private newsletter, and a membership program.

My ideas have been featured in TIME, NBC, Fast Company, Inc., Observer, and other publications.

What My Students Say About The Course

Sarah Thomas


Digital Business School is a no hack zone that leads you on a fluff-free guide through the essential elements of creating a successful and profitable business. The focus is on you, the student, not a life biopic of the teacher. A refreshing change!

That said, he gently but confidently shares the mistakes and triumphs that he has encountered in a conversational tone that can simulate a one-to-one conversation.

The content is unique but still intuitive. It all feels so logical when put in this way but with the cacophony of advice in the digital ether it can be difficult to hear the sound of your own voice.

Traditional business schools beware, Darius’s course has the students covered. Whatever stage you're at with your business, I recommend this course. I'm feeling more in control of my business than I have since I started it two years ago.

Thank you, Darius!

Ignacio Nabhen

Executive Coach

I have been following Darius' work for a long time. So when he announced he was going to launch a new training program on online businesses I got ready to jump in. However, my high expectations proved to be way below the value I found in this course.

Tailored and delivered in the classic Forouxian style (playful, useful, reliable), comprises a package of innovative strategies, real-life case studies, no-bullshit perspectives, and hands-on exercises that turns it into a must-have resource for the actual or aspiring digital entrepreneur.

In a nutshell: if you're planning to start your online business, this is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Ivan Devedzic

Digital Entrepreneur & Author

Packed with value, honestly. Even the lessons about topics I have a lot of experience in taught me something new. In an era where we’re experiencing total social media overload, the most intriguing part to me was that Darius was able to build a credible online presence and business without social media. The course is well structured, super practical and different than other courses I’ve seen.

I was looking forward to for a while and it delivered. Darius’ vast knowledge and experience is obvious, as he shares powerful advice (from years of personal trial and error) and trains you to have the right long-term approach to growing your business. I took a ton of notes and I’ll be going back to them frequently down the line, as I continue to grow my FFS Principle book and build other digital products in the future.

What You Can Expect To Learn Inside


This course consists of 6 modules and 34 video lessons in total. Nearly all lessons have exercises at the end. And throughout the course, you'll see dozens of examples of other profitable businesses. Here's what the structure looks like.

Module 1: Build Your Brand and Edge

The majority of business strategies you read in business books or articles no longer work in 2021. In this module, you'll learn why most businesses fail at this age and how you can prevent that. You'll learn how to validate your business idea and build a professional brand that will stand out from the crowd.

  1. Develop Your Competitive Edge—How you can stand out in the market. Stop chasing clients and make them come to YOU.
  2. Test Your Business Idea—Does your idea have real business potential? Learn techniques to test it, even without having an audience. 
  3. Craft Your Unique Brand—How can you create a brand that people trust? Learn how to get instant authority.
  4. Design Your Brand Identity Like A Pro—Who said you need to hire a designer? Learn how to easily design your own brand like a pro.
  5. Build A World-Class Website—There are so many options to build a website. Which one should you pick? This lesson makes it simple, and it helps you find the right fit.
  6. Student Success Story: Sarah Thomas—An interview with Sarah on how she's applied everything to grow her business.

Module 2: Position Your Product For Success

Most online businesses are not profitable. You need to pick the right business model for your idea. By the end of this module, you'll know exactly what it takes to build a profitable online business.

  1. Position Your Product—When you nail your positioning, you don’t have to waste time and money on marketing. Learn how to create products people actually need.
  2. Create Your Profit Plan—Maximize your revenue, and keep it sustainable, by setting up a Profit Plan that fits your products/services
  3. Pick The Perfect Price For Your Product—How to set an irresistible price for your product/service, and create an effective price increase strategy.
  4. Create A Minimum Viable Product—The key elements that make an effective MVP, including business examples that you can study.
  5. Get Testimonials In These 4 Steps—A step-by-step process you can use to get testimonials effectively while building a network of clients/partners who can support you.

Module 3: Build Your Email-List

The email-list is still the most important asset of a business. The problem with social media and paid traffic is that you don't own them. In this module, you'll learn timeless strategies for building a relevant  email-list that generates profit.

  1. Build A Quality Lead Magnet—Learn how to make your email list enticing, including giveaways that attract the right market, and value propositions that make them stay.
  2. Craft An Irresistible Landing Page—How to create pages that actually convert prospects into subscribers. 
  3. Capture More Leads With Forms/Popups—Maximize each subscriber visit to your site by creating optimized Forms/Popups that won’t be ignored.
  4. Drive More Traffic To Your Site—Understand how traffic really works, and learn the different channels to get more traffic.
  5. Minimizing Unsubscribes—Learn the basics of customer retention, including real-life examples of what to do and not do.

Module 4: Grow Your Audience

Are you tired of the same old strategies that everyone's using to grow an audience? Well, your future customers are also tired of that. In this module, you'll learn an honest and reliable way to grow your audience. For the most part, social media isn't even required.

  1. Use Content Marketing To Attract The Right People—How to create content that your prospects will find useful, valuable, and entertaining.
  2. The Best Types Of Content You Can Create—Different formats and styles of content; see how and why they work; and pick the best fit for your business.
  3. How To Use SEO To Get Traffic—Learn how Search Engine Optimization works. Create a SEO strategy checklist that focuses on the most important things.
  4. Create Your Social Media Strategy—How to use different social media channels to grow your business. See how other businesses actually use social media and learn what works and why.
  5. Create A Campaign To Drive More Traffic—How to get even more traffic by using a relevant and timely “traffic campaign."

Module 5: Launch Your Product/Service

You spend a lot of time and energy building your digital product. That's why you want to make sure you don't hear the sound of crickets when you launch. You want to see notifications of payments. Increase the chances of those payment notifications by using the strategies in this module.

  1. The Anatomy Of A Launch Funnel—An inside look into my course launch that earned $42K. A step-by-step study of the most important elements that made an effective launch calendar, including all the tools I used to do things faster and easier.
  2. Create A Pre-Launch Strategy That Boosts Sales—A successful pre-launch will increase your sales by 25%. Learn how to do this right.
  3. One Copywriting Secret That Boosts Your Conversions—There's something about conversion that marketers don't tell you. They might even say it's counter-intuitive. Learn how to use it, and you'll 10X your investment in this course.
  4. Build A Sales Page That Actually Sells—We'll dissect how profitable sales pages work, including crucial principles you can adapt.
  5. Your Full Launch Checklist—Every single thing to keep in mind when you launch. Ensure your success. Don't miss the important parts.

Module 6: Increase Your Profit

Many businesses reach a plateau and eventually decline over time. You don't want that. In this module, you'll learn how to turn your business into a reliable and stable profit-generating machine.

  1. Ways To Increase Your Profit—4 easy ways to instantly increase revenue per client. Includes an example of a 74% boost in profit.
  2. How To Get Repeat Customers—Learn the right way to think about customer retention, and understand how the customer journey works.
  3. Build Campaigns You Can Repeat—Build an effective, evergreen campaign once; then run it without extra work.
  4. When and How To Hire Remote Employees—When should you hire someone? And which roles should you prioritize and avoid? Grow your business sustainably by hiring and managing the best (remote) team.
  5. How To Keep Growing Your Business—Financial milestones you want to aim for. These will give you a good gauging meter for success, and help you grow your profit even more.

Two Learning Tracks: Solo & Guided

To personalize your learning experience, you can pick from two custom learning tracks. In the Guided Track, you get weekly emails with a learning strategy and encouragement. If you prefer to go at it alone, you can opt-out of these emails and pick the Solo Track. Regardless of the track you pick, you will get instant access to all the material in the course.

Case Study: From $0 to $1,220/month

To prove the effectiveness of this course, I built a new digital product with everything I teach in I came up with the idea for a new digital product on June 17. I validated the idea and immediately started building it.

I built the product without writing a single line of code. The product was finished by July 9. By the end of that same month, it was generating $1,220.50 a month in recurring revenue. See the screenshot below for proof.

All I used was a laptop and the ideas from this course. And I did this by working on this for a few hours a week on the side.

Inside I show exactly how I did this. 

Student Success Story: Rhys Jack

I’d like to introduce you to Rhys Jack, one of our members. Rhys lives in Sydney, and joined the first cohort in the middle of the pandemic. When I asked Rhys why he joined, he said:

“I see business as a challenge, and I like to go after challenges. Whether it's public speaking, martial arts, finances, health, relationships, etc, I don't want to spend my life limiting myself in any way. I feel if I can dedicate time and focus to something I fear or don't understand I can overcome the challenges and create something positive and worthwhile from it. I love those challenges and finding an authentic way to express myself with them.”

This is something I and other members can relate to a lot. We love to take on new challenges. And at some point, we take things seriously. And that’s when Rhys joined our program. Like most of us, he didn’t have a clear business idea, but he knew he wanted to help people through a blog. He writes:

“Over the past 6 months, I've really dedicated time to consistently making posts, doing courses and trying new ideas, then applying those to the website. I feel like It's getting much clearer now and it's starting to get more traction. My mindset has shifted as well, I know there is value I can give others and that I can generate income from that value.”

This is something many prospective members are interested in. How long does it take to get some clarity? My experience is like what Rhys said; about six months. Right now, Rhys is working on introducing his first product. About the course, he said:

The course helped me get much clearer on my target market, I’ve now simplified my brand and added a new theme to my website.

Building a business like this takes time and it helps to get insights from people who are also going through the same experiences. That’s what I’ve found most helpful about the digital business course, having access to Darius and the community to bounce ideas off and get feedback on has been very valuable and opened my eyes to the many possibilities of creating a sustainable online business.”

And I’m looking forward to supporting him. You can check out what he’s up to at

Frequently Asked Questions

Some More Experiences From Students

Chris Jeng

Co-Founder & CEO at European-Gateway

I'm usually hesitant when it comes to online courses that talk about online business. But I've worked with Darius in the past and I've been following his work since 2016. I'm glad I took this online course because it totally transformed my view on running a business!

I loved the honesty and transparency of Darius throughout this course. The amount of new information about growing an online business was surprising. I've read several books on this topic but I was surprised by the strategies from Strategies that I haven't seen anywhere else. I might be biased, but I recommend this program to every new and experienced entrepreneur. 

Danny Forest

Polymath Entrepreneur

Darius is someone I look up to like a mentor. His success in business is not accidental, and in this course, he shows you exactly how he's done it. As someone who doesn't generally like courses, I was happy to hear about the possibility of going at my own pace, starting from the modules my businesses currently are at.

And even as a 7-times startup founder, I still learned things I can apply in my businesses right from day one of the course. This is my second course from Darius, and it won't be my last. Whether you're new in business or a veteran like me, there's something for you in this course!

Diane McClamroch

Photographer at

I first discovered Darius Foroux's articles in 2018 that focused on productivity, business and wealth building. January, 2019 I joined his email list, then I bought a couple of his books.

His candid writing style plus the amazing stick figure art had me wanting more. I decided to sign up for my first Darius Foroux course, The course is an easy to understand step-by-step, go at your own pace guide with Live Q&A Sessions. I can even go back and refer to course material at anytime. The BEST part is that Darius and his staff are always available to answer all of your questions.

I encourage anyone looking for a one-stop shop business guide that is easy to follow to take Darius Foroux's course, Why spend your valuable time researching on your own when you can tap into Darius' years of experience? You will be happy you decided to take the course!

14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Full disclaimer: does not guarantee you will make X amount of $. A promise like that is not feasible for any program.

However, I do guarantee you will learn the skills you need to build a profitable business. That's why I offer a 100 percent money-back, 14-day guarantee if the course doesn't work for you.

No-questions-asked. Doesn't matter what the reason is. No annoying sales reps (which I don't even have), no calls to get a refund, no hassle. Just a single email, and your refund will be processed within 24 hours. Guaranteed. 

Registration Is Closed

Registration is currently closed. I will share details about the registration on my newsletter. If you're already subscribed, I will let you know when the course is open. Not a member yet? Join for free: