Become a Clear, Credible, and Persuasive Writer

Writing is the key skill for getting what you want in life.


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Effective writing is the key skill for getting what you want in today's digital world. Here's why writing effectively matters:

  • Effective writing is a skill that you can build a whole career on. Most people have jobs. But if you have a skill you can rely on, you can build a career
  • Effective writing helps you to improve your thinking. When you learn to write effectively, you can also think effectively. 
  • Effective writing helps you make an impact. Ultimately, we write for other people. And if our words resonate with readers, we can inspire action with our words.

Effective writers are...

  • Clear: Think and write clearly so people will always understand you. Gone are the days when people have to ask, "What is this person trying to say?"
  • Credible: Be seen as an authority. You're only effective as a writer if the reader believes you. 
  • Persuasive: Get what you want with words. If you can write persuasively, you can get people to act, based on what you write.

Writing is a skill that provides you value for the rest of your life.


The Effective Writing Course

Learn how to use your words to move people

Effective Writing is a complete course that teaches you to become a clear, credible, and persuasive writer. This course includes all the techniques, rules, and apps you need.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 33 video lessons that show you how to become an effective writer.
  • A course handbook with 12 exercises. Learn the theory of writing, and immediately put it into action.
  • Access to the private Effective Writing Podcast [NEW] where you can listen to all-new lessons about how to apply effective writing skills to different areas of your life.
  • Two free bonus courses. The first one is Real Influence and it shows you how to become more persuasive. The second is How To Create A Dream Career, and it teaches a system for getting the career you really want.
  • Free access to the Inner Circle Newsletter, a secret monthly email that's for members only.

Vicky Vaswani


The Effective Writing Course by Darius is the one and only course you need if you're planning to master the skill of writing in the 21st century. The course will provide you with growth in your writing journey because it removes all the fluff and gets straight to the point about the dos and don'ts of both the art and science of writing.

Merlin Peter

Global Content Marketer

I really benefited from the course. There are so many things that we as writers tend to ignore. But I loved how Darius touched upon those minute details that help make our writing extremely effective. The course is very methodical and straightforward. It helped me consciously make some ground rules to improve my writing.

What you'll learn...


The 9 Rules of Effective Writing

The foundation of the Effective Writing system is based on 9 simple rules. This is what makes it a failsafe system. And it also works if your native language is not English.

After watching Module 1, you will...

  • Develop your own unique writing style
  • Know how to keep your writing clear and simple
  • Become a more confident writer

Tools of an Effective Writer

In the first module, you’ll learn the rules that guide you to write more effectively. Now, you'll learn the key tools that will enhance your writing overall.

This module isn’t only about writing apps. As a writer, you can also rely on strategic tools that make the writing process easier, faster, and more productive.

After watching Module 2, you will...

  • Know how to write a call to action that actually persuades readers to act
  • Make your writing process simpler
  • Become your own editor

Getting the Results You Want

In the last module, we'll tie everything together. You'll learn how to practically apply the 9 rules of writing and combine them with the toolkits of an effective writer to get the results you want with your words.

This module shows you how to execute everything successfully. After watching Module 3, you will...

  • Always write in a persuasive way
  • Instantly be a credible writer
  • Use your words to get what you want

Sarah Thomas

Writer at

Underneath Darius's super-effective writing advice and methodologies is an ethos of always being more, pushing beyond average, and never settling for anything less than the maximum effort. From process to output and the nuances in between - the course shows you how to be a better writer.

Martin Verbic

Medical student, Blogger at

This is the first course I’ve ever taken on writing so I have no point of reference, but I thought it was great. The content got better with every lesson. It opened up a new perspective about writing in general and about my own style – found some key points to work on.

Why effective writing skills matter

  • Writing is an income-generating skill. People who know how to write will not be without work for long.
  • Better writing leads to better thinking. With better thinking skills, we become better problem solvers.
  • We write every day, whether it's an email, message, report, or article. Bad writing confuses people and makes them lose trust.
  • The more we write, the better we understand ourselves, and the better we get at communicating with others.

Hi, I'm Darius Foroux.

Before I started to train my writing skills, I never achieved any meaningful success in my career. After I finished grad school in 2011, I tried my hand at a lot of different things, from starting businesses to getting a job at a global IT research firm. 

None of the work and activities worked out for me. Nor did it give me any happiness or meaning. But the moment I started to learn the skill of effective writing, good things started to happen.

Since I started writing online in 2015 about the lessons I've learned, more than 125,000 people have bought my books. Readers of my blog include people from all walks of life. From Fortune 500 CEOs to health care providers to NYT best-selling authors.

In that time, I also published seven books and eight online courses, which generate six figures a year in income.

In 2022, Portfolio / Penguin acquired the rights to my upcoming book on successful investing through managing your emotions. If I never trained in writing, none of these things would have happened.

What I love most about writing is that it doesn't only have the power to improve your career, it's also the most meaningful activity I can think of. 

What I Earn As a Writer

(for inspirational purposes only)

Royalties from books

I published my first book in 2015 and published 6 more books since then. Many writers show you how many views their articles get. But views don't equal results. And you certainly can't pay your rent with views. It requires effective writing skills to create books that readers find so valuable they want to buy them.

Earnings from courses

Everything I do in my career starts with writing. These online courses are a great example of that. Without writing skills, I would not be able to create useful courses. 

While I can't guarantee you will make the same amount of money (or more), I can guarantee that writing skills will improve your career. 

When you acquire a skill that helps you provide more value, no one can ever take that away. Especially with a valuable skill like writing.

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