Become a faster, more effective learner with less effort

Introducing The Effortless Learning podcast



Skills and knowledge make you more valuable and interesting. That's why all successful people are active, lifelong learners.


But the learning process doesn't have to be hard. In this limited podcast, you'll learn how to:

  • Change your perspective on learning
  • Gain more knowledge and skills with less time
  • Apply what you learn to live the life you want


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The Effortless Learning podcast has 8 episodes:

🎧 20 min listen

Episode 1: The Power of Lifelong Learning

Following your passion, setting clear goals, finding your community, utilizing failure, gaining skills, and more.

🎧 18 min listen

Episode 2: Strategies for Accelerated Learning

Learn the "Teacher's Technique," using spaced repetitions, multisensory learning, & mindful breaks. 

🎧 15 min listen

Episode 3: How to Absorb More from Your Books

Previewing with purpose, note-taking for better recall, starting productive dialogue, and discussing thoughts with others.

🎧 20 min listen

Episode 4: Harnessing Digital Tools for Learning

Journaling, Pomodoro, Project Management, and other tools to make learning faster and easier even when you're busy.

🎧 13 min listen

Episode 5: Overcoming Procrastination and Distractions

Removing your learning barriers, rioritizing feeling good, actually executing a digital detox, and managing your energy.

🎧 9 min listen

Episode 6: The Role of Beginner’s Mind in Effortless Learning

Opening your mindset to learn new things, becoming non-attached to one's old beliefs, and learning by experience.

🎧 20 min listen

Episode 7: The Power of Review, Reflection, Looking Back

Start utilizing "Mind Maps," reviewing notes, practicing metacognition, and seeking mentor feedback.

🎧 9 min listen

Episode 8: The Effortless Way: Learning As a Way of Life

Upgrading your learning process through a lifetime, enjoying the journey, and being satisfied with your life.


You can spend 10,000 hours doing something and learn nothing. Or you can execute practical strategies and best practices to accelerate your learning curve.

Darius Foroux

Host of The Effortless Learning Podcast

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