Frequently Asked Questions

1. "Who is this course for?"

You feel stuck in your career and you want to make a change. You want to either change careers or find a new job. 

Or, you're a recent graduate who is facing the Catch-22 of getting a job: You can't get a job without experience but you can't gain experience without a job. 

If you're in one of those two groups, this course is right for you.

2. “Is this training tax deductible? Or will my employer reimburse me for the registration fee?"

If you're self-employed, you can deduct the costs of online training if it's for the purpose of your business. More info here.

When you sign up, you get a purchase receipt for accounting purposes. But if you need a custom invoice, simply let me know and we'll create one for you with your company details. 

If you’re employed, please check if your employer has a training budget. If so, most companies reimburse online courses too.

3. "How are your courses different from other courses in the market?"

I've studied for six years in college, getting two degrees. I have a Master's degree in Business Administration. This is what I do.

I've been giving training and workshops for almost ten years. And my articles have been read by millions of people.

I believe in what I do and take it seriously. That's why I offer guarantees and lifetime access to my material. 

4. "How do I know if I'm ready?"

You've read and watched my free material. You know what the basics of productivity and achievement are. You have the pieces. You're only missing a complete system that puts everything in place. If that's you, you're ready.

If you haven't studied my free material yet, you're not. My goal is to make my free material better than the paid material of others. So please study it, and if you're ready, enroll for the full course so you can make things happen faster.

5. "Do I get access to all the material at once?"

Yes. I'm not a police officer. I'm not here to chase you to complete your assignments. This is your life. You better take it seriously.

Some courses don't give you access at once. But I don't believe in that strategy. We're adults. Instead, I teach people to plan their own life, take charge and full ownership.

6. “My English is not great. Can I still take this course?”

Absolutely. As long as you understand English, you can take this course. In fact, 43% of my students are non-native English speakers.

Also, all the videos have subtitles that you can turn on/off by yourself.

7. "What level of support can I expect?"

You have direct access to me. And you can ask me anything you want—I'm more than happy to help you with material. It's my goal to help my students succeed. And I know many of my students personally.

8. "Why does the registration close on February 17?"

When I open my courses, I give 100% of my attention to creating new course material and I support my students. That's why I don't offer my courses all year round.

Also, a clear deadline helps me and my students to get clarity. Otherwise, we keep on procrastinating. 

9. "Can I buy this course as a gift?"

Yes. A lot of my readers gift courses to their loved ones. If you think someone in your life needs to make something out of their career, consider giving them this course.

To buy this course for someone else, please enter their email address at the checkout page. They will automatically receive the login details to the online learning management system.

10. "I missed the deadline, can I still register?"

Many of my readers still think that a deadline is some kind of marketing trick. And you know what? I understand that. 

People who offer digital products often use this as a trick. They just have a deadline every week. I don't do that. My courses are only open once or twice a year. If you're subscribed to my newsletter for a longer period, you might have noticed that.

So no, there's no way to register after the deadline. I also take down the whole registration page—so it's not even possible.

There you go. I hope you have enough information to make a decision. To be honest, I don’t know what else I can share.

It all comes down to you. I always like to think that I don’t have forever to live. That helps me to make the right decisions.


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