If you always want to stay productive, rely on a system

A recent study I did showed that 88% of all people admit they procrastinate at least one hour a day. I used to belong to that group as well. But I renounced my membership because of one simple thing: I now have a system for getting things done. My system keeps me productive.

I realized that no one was to blame for my situation in life. For all my life, I had all these ambitions and I had nothing to show for. I tried blaming everything and everyone for my lack of achievement: The economy, city I lived in, my surroundings, friends, education, and so forth. You name it—I blamed it.

But here’s what I realized: I didn't have the life I desired because I wasn't taking enough action. Instead of actively improving my life and career, I binge-watched every single TV show that was in the top 10 on IMDB. I went out every weekend. And at work, I was distracted half the time.

Procrastination is the enemy of your future-self. Today, you think, “I’m not going to learn, work, or hit the gym. That’s tomorrow-me’s problem.” That goes on for years. One day, you look back and think, “Why did I waste all these years? I'm out of shape and out of work.”

It’s because you procrastinated one day. And then, you procrastinated another day. And another one. You get the deal.

The reverse is also true. When you take action today, tomorrow-you will thank you for it. I’ve experienced both sides of this.

When I procrastinated for years, I looked back and was angry with myself. But now, I look back, and I’m satisfied with the work I’ve put in. Over the past four years, I published 7 books, 6 online courses, and 350 articles.

Thanks to my system, I’m better at what I do, have more inner satisfaction, am stronger, and make more money. 

You can become better at dealing with uncertainty

The coronavirus pandemic of last year showed us just how uncertain life can be. To be honest, life has always been like that. But in recent years, the world has changed faster. And that pace will only increase in the future. I've been talking with friends about how the economy and life is changing because of the digital age for years

A lot of jobs are still disappearing because of the crisis. But contrary to what most people think, this is a good thing. The jobs that are disappearing are not sought-after at all.

In a few years, we'll have much more freedom because of these changes. More of us will work for ourselves and manage our own time.

My friend said something I also believed in the past: “You need to keep up with the times.” It’s an aphorism that we often use to show we are current. But to me, that’s like drinking water when you’re thirsty. We all know that thirst is a sign that your body needs water. Ideally, you want to hydrate yourself enough so you’re never thirsty.

That's the same with modern-day life. We need to be ahead of things. Naturally, we’re not fortune tellers. But it doesn’t require a genius to see that life is getting increasingly digital. And that in time, robots will take over all the manual labor.

What’s left for us? We need to do the complex and creative work. But that requires skills. And if we constantly procrastinate, we will never learn those skills in time. We’re always playing catch-up.

Introducing the Procrastinate Zero 2 system

When you learn how to beat procrastination and double your productivity, you will get anything done, no matter what happens. 

You will learn faster and get focused on what matters. You'll get better at adjusting to changes. At this year's annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet made that very clear. He said: 

"When change happens in the world, you adjust to it.”

Procrastinate Zero 2 gives you a failsafe system that shows you how to do the following:

  1. Increase your energy: Gone are the days of, "I don't feel like doing work or going to the gym." Boost your energy so you wake up excited every day.
  2. Consistently beat procrastination: Renounce your membership of the procrastination club. When you stop putting off everything, you start doing what you say. And that drastically improves your life and career.
  3. Double your productivity: Get things done effectively and move on with your life. The purpose of life is not to work all day long. There's more to life. When you double your productivity, you will have more time for other important things.


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Here's What Others Say About The Course

"The PZ course has been hugely beneficial for me in upping my productivity levels and getting more meaningful work done as I balance a professional sports career whilst launching a business of my own. I love how real and relatable Darius's content is."

Grayson Hart
Professional Rugby Player and Entrepreneur

"Procrastinate Zero is not for the faint of heart. The program really challenges you to level up and kick your bad habits to the side of the road forever. I loved Darius’ coaching style. I would recommend this course to anyone ready to make a transformational life change!"

Jane Hwangbo
Founder of Money Schooled

"When I started, I immediately felt like it was created for me. I found the content extremely useful since the very first lesson. The way the course is designed and organized made me feel productive and eager to implement Darius's lessons. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for improving their life, becoming more focused, productive and successful."

Conceptual Illustrator

"I am usually pretty skeptical about online courses but PZ is one course that anyone seeking personal growth should take. The reason I am saying this is because we are all so busy that we hardly have time to look for right resources and things that genuinely help us reach our highest potential or turn us into an effective professional, PZ does that for you. Darius has an absolutely practical approach towards getting things done and even though I still have 24 hours in my day, I constantly see myself achieving more and more every day with PZ."

Dr. Supriya Tiwari
MD Pathology, Founder of Fight PCOS Initiative

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About Your Instructor

There are a lot of "experts" on the internet who teach all kinds of things. I'm always skeptical about what I read and hear. Also, Who you learn from matters equally as what you learn. I recommend learning from teachers who've done something themselves. 

My background is in business. I received my Master's Degree in Business Administration from one of the top universities in The Netherlands (RuG) in 2011. While I was writing my thesis, I started a company called Vartex with my dad. We started importing professional laundry equipment but are now building our own operating systems and software for that industry. 

In 2015, I started my blog. Until now, more than 30 million people have read my articles. My ideas have been featured in publications like TIME, NBC, Lifehacker, Inc, and more.

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I will share details about the registration on my newsletter. If you're already subscribed, I will let you know when the course is open. Not a member yet? Join for free:


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