If You Always Want to Stay Productive, Rely on a System

Introducing Procrastinate Zero 2: A system that improves your energy, focus, and productivity.


We know procrastination is bad. But we do it anyway. Here’s why...

Procrastination is the enemy of your future self. One day, you look back and think, “Why did I waste all these years? I'm out of shape and living an unfulfilled life.”

No one wants to procrastinate. But it happens because:

  • Life is complex. It’s tempting to say “I’ll do it tomorrow (or later, or next week).” It's also difficult to figure out how to start making progress in life.
  • The world changes faster than ever. One can't just keep up, one must be ahead of the changes.
  • Most people don’t have a system for getting things done. We just wake up and go with the flow. And we rely on willpower too much. This makes us inconsistent and unproductive. 

People who don't procrastinate are..

  • Full of energy: They wake up energized every day, ready for whatever the day brings them.
  • Consistent: People who don't put off things also finish what they start. That drastically improves your life and career.
  • More productive: They achieve more in less time.
  • Using a system: You can achieve more despite distractions and lack of motivation.

When you live and work according to a system, you no longer rely on willpower to get things done. You rely on your system.

That’s how you can do more in less time, no matter how many distractions you're experiencing in life.


The Procrastinate Zero 2 System

Get anything done, despite life’s distractions, unexpected events, and setbacks

Procrastinate Zero 2 is a failsafe system that shows you how to increase your energy, consistently beat procrastination, and double your productivity. It's a way of life.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 30 video lessons that are easily consumable and include transcripts of the videos.
  • A course handbook with written lessons so you can also read the material if you want.
  • Access to the private Intense Focus Podcast [NEW] where you can listen to 8 audio lessons that help you to manage distractions and boost focus.
  • Two free bonus courses. The first one is Work First and it shows you how to get more work done from home. The second one is Real Influence and it shows you how to become more persuasive. 
  • Free access to the Inner Circle Newsletter, a secret monthly email that's for members only.
  • Lifetime access to the PZ2 System. So you can always go back to it when you need it.

Grayson Hart

Former Professional Rugby Player and Entrepreneur

The PZ course has been hugely beneficial for me in upping my productivity levels and getting more meaningful work done as I balance a professional sports career whilst launching a business of my own. I love how real and relatable Darius's content is.

Jane Hwangbo

Founder of Money Schooled

Procrastinate Zero is not for the faint of heart. The program really challenges you to level up and kick your bad habits to the side of the road forever. I loved Darius’ coaching style. I would recommend this course to anyone ready to make a transformational life change!

What you'll learn...


Welcome + Self-Assessment 

In the introduction module, you can take a quick and easy self-assessment questionnaire to measure your current productivity score. Our goal is to improve that score by the end of the course. 

Here's what else we cover in the introduction module:

  • Tips for getting the most out of this productivity system
  • A strategy for improving the ROI of learning
  • And a quick overview of the whole course

Improving The Brain

Without a focused and energized brain, we can never maintain anything. This is why most of us give up on our goals. In this module, you'll learn how to adopt the mindset of a person who succeeds.

After watching module 1, you will...

  • Get over “Learned Helplessness,” which is the scientific term for procrastination
  • Destroy limiting beliefs that trap you in the “I’ll do it later/tomorrow” mindset
  • Improve your focus and create goals that you really want and need

Improving The Body

If we don't take care of our bodies, we can't expect to perform at our full potential. You don't have to be an athlete or anything. The goal is to take care of your body so you have more energy and no injuries. 

After watching module 2, you will...

  • Understand how the body and mind work together to get things done
  • Learn simple, science-backed strategies that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Optimize your sleep and create a personal workout routine that sticks

Beating Procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? And how can we stop? In this module, you'll learn the most effective strategies for beating procrastination. When you no longer procrastinate, you will free up energy to spend on important tasks.

After watching module 3, you will...

  • Learn a strategy that makes you more effective and focused
  • Have a morning ritual that actually changes your life
  • Use deadlines effectively, so they don’t backfire on you

Improving Productivity

Improving productivity seems like an impossible feat these days. Most methods are so complicated that they're counterproductive. In this module, you'll learn the only productivity strategies you need to get TWICE as much work done in the same amount of time.

After watching module 4, you will...

  • Be able to unload your brain and have more mental energy
  • Learn to prioritize the right things and manage overwhelming tasks
  • Use a special tool that keeps you focused and efficient 


Conceptual Illustrator

When I started, I immediately felt like it was created for me. I found the content extremely useful since the very first lesson. The way the course is designed and organized made me feel productive and eager to implement Darius's lessons. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for improving their life, becoming more focused, productive and successful.

Marko Vuletič

UI/UX Design Consultant

Darius’s course helped me to re-align with my purpose and goals in life in both personal and business side. Not only he provides an easy to understand action plan but also the brain psychology behind it so you can get from procrastinating hero to procrastinate zero instantly.

No procrastination + higher productivity = Better results

  • The foundation of any form of achievement in life starts with productivity.
  • No productivity means no results.
  • The opposite is also true: The more productive and focused you are, the better results you achieve.

  • To succeed, you simply need the right productivity system.


Hi, I'm Darius Foroux.

Before I overcame procrastination and improved my productivity, I never achieved any meaningful success in my career. After I finished grad school in 2011, I tried my hand at a lot of different things, from starting businesses to getting a job at a global IT research firm. 

None of the work and activities worked out for me. Nor did it give me any happiness or meaning. But the moment I created the Procrastinate Zero system, good things started to happen.

Since I started writing online in 2015, more than 130,000 people have bought my books. Readers of my blog include people from all walks of life. From Fortune 500 CEOs to health care providers to NYT best-selling authors. During that time, I also published seven books and eight online courses, which generate six figures a year in income.

In 2022, Portfolio / Penguin acquired the rights to my upcoming book on successful investing through managing your emotions. If I never improved my productivity and managed procrastination, none of these things would have happened.

What I love most about having a productivity system is that it helps you get things done even when you lack motivation or when life gets in the way. Being productive really gives you the power to live a fulfilling life and career.

What students say about the course


Dr. Supriya Tiwari

MD Pathology, Founder of Fight PCOS Initiative

"I am usually pretty skeptical about online courses but PZ is one course that anyone seeking personal growth should take. The reason I am saying this is because we are all so busy that we hardly have time to look for right resources and things that genuinely help us reach our highest potential or turn us into an effective professional, PZ does that for you.

Darius has an absolutely practical approach towards getting things done and even though I still have 24 hours in my day, I constantly see myself achieving more and more every day with PZ."

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