The Stoic Path to Wealth

Combining ancient wisdom with practical investment strategies drawn from analysis of the greatest investors of all time, The Stoic Path to Wealth will teach you how to:

  • cultivate an investing edge by managing your emotions and developing your unique skills and talents
  • develop the discipline to ignore short-term market fluctuations and avoid living in the future
  • foster a mindset that allows you to enjoy what you have and avoid greed
  • create a sustainable approach to trading

As financial markets become increasingly unpredictable and chaotic, The Stoic Path to Wealth offers the key to weathering any economic storm while building wealth that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Coming July 16, 2024

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Morgan Housel, #1 NYT bestselling author of The Psychology of Money

“Darius has a unique ability to turn complex ideas into simple stories.”


Hi, I'm Darius Foroux.

As a former mutual funds advisor, I know how complex the financial world can be. I've also experienced that with my own money. When I started investing in 2007, I quickly lost two-thirds of my money in the market.

I was committed to never making that mistake again. I obtained degrees in business and finance, started a business, and kept educating myself on investing. I formed the foundation of The Stoic Path to Wealth in 2017 when I learned that building wealth is not a rational game, but rather an emotional one.

Today I'm passionate about helping people become financially independent, and live on their own terms. With The Stoic Path to Wealth, you can take control of your emotions, build wealth, and enjoy life without worrying about what the stock market does. 


Sam Dogen

 WSJ best-selling author of Buy This, Not That, and creator of Financial Samurai

"A wonderful book that combines smart investing strategies with the wisdom of the Stoics. By the time you finish reading, you’ll change your outlook on money and life for the better." 

Jimmy Soni

Best-selling author of THE FOUNDERS

"In his elegant new book, Darius Foroux walks us down The Stoic Path to Wealth, reminding us that true prosperity lies not in the size of one's portfolio but in the strength of one's character. With storytelling panache and wisdom far beyond his years, Foroux draws us into the lives of ancient philosophers and modern masters, revealing their secrets to building wealth and, more importantly, inner tranquility. Blending timeless principles with level-headed techniques, he charts a course to financial freedom unencumbered by greed or anxiety.

For those seeking respite from the market's ceaseless turbulence, The Stoic Path to Wealth offers safe harbor. Foroux generously shares the fruits of his odyssey so we too may find life's greatest treasures: a peaceful mind and enduring prosperity." 

10 Things This Book Will Teach You


  1. Emotional mastery: Learn how to control your reactions and manage your emotions in order to achieve financial success.

  2. Cultivating an investing edge: Discover how managing your emotions will help you to gain an edge in investing.

  3. Investing discipline: Understand the importance of ignoring short-term market fluctuations and avoiding the trap of living in the future.

  4. Contentment mindset: Develop a mindset that allows you to enjoy what you have and avoid falling into the trap of greed.

  5. Sustainable trading approach: Learn to create a sustainable approach to trading so you avoid permanently losing money.

  6. Maximizing your earnings potential: Learn how investing in yourself and your skills can be more valuable than money itself.

  7. Acceptance of loss: Become comfortable with short-term losses so you can stay invested.

  8. Power of compounding: Break free from the trap of exchanging your time for money. Let your money do the work for you.

  9. Trusting in your judgment: Learn to trust your judgment when it comes to investing decisions.

  10. Stoic retirement: Discover how to retire like a stoic, maintaining emotional balance and contentment regardless of financial circumstances.

Coming July 16, 2024

Tadas Viskanta

Author of Abnormal Returns, and Director of Investor Education at Ritholz Wealth Management

“Personal finance is uniquely personal. So is Foroux’s approach to investing. The Stoic Path to Wealth is a remarkable book in an increasingly noisy space.”

Tobias Carlisle 

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Acquirers Funds, LLC, author of Deep Value and The Multiple's Acquirer

"Markets are quick to reveal our cognitive errors and behavioral biases. The Stoics have the antidote. Foroux's book is a wonderful introduction to the Stoic method of emotional mastery."

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25 Translations Coming Soon

The Stoic Path to Wealth is getting translated into the following languages (publisher in brackets):

Albanian (Shtëpia Botuese Uegen)
Arabic (Jarir)
Brazilian Portuguese (Benvira)
Bulgarian (Era Publishing House)
Chinese, Complex (Global Group)
Chinese, Simplified (CITIC Press)
German (Piper Verlag)
Greek (Iviskos Publications)
Gujarati (Jaico Publishing)
Hindi (Penguin India)
Italian (Vallardi)
Indonesian (Gramedia Pustaka)
Kannada (Jaico Publishing)
Korean (Mirae N)
Malayalam (Jaico Publishing)
Marathi (Penguin India)
Polish (Centrum)
Portuguese (Lua de Papel)
Romanian (Publica)
Spanish (Planeta / Paidos)
Tamil (Jaico Publishing)
Telugu (Jaico Publishing)
Thai (Live Rich)
Ukrainian (Nash Format)
Vietnamese (Skybooks)

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