Work First is for people who believe that remote work is the biggest opportunity of our careers. It's for people who are working remotely, or want to make the transition to remote work. Work First gives you a holistic system that shows you how to:

  1. Create structure—Without structure, there’s chaos. And when there’s chaos, we don’t get anywhere. We will only get frustrated, depressed, and down about ourselves. 
  2. Improve focus—There are literally hundreds of thousands of things that distract you every day. If you don’t shield yourself from those distractions, your work will suffer. You can apply this to every aspect of your work life.
  3. Manage yourself—When you’re working remotely, you are your own boss. Instead of managing our time, we need to manage ourselves. We need to be aware of our energy, how we communicate with others, and making personal progress.

Remote work is not only a matter of applying a few productivity tips from home. Work First goes beyond that.

If you acquire the skill of remote work, you will become productive from any location in the world. You will build a fulfilling career, no matter what the economic circumstances are.

There's nothing holding you back from doing work that you're passionate about, and also pays well. That's why remote work is the biggest opportunity of our careers.

I can go on and on about the importance of remote work, and that now is the time to improve this skill. But that’s useless. Every person must decide for themselves whether remote work is worth it or not.

Here's What Others Say

"The Work First course is a game-changer! I loved Darius' coaching style and his short and easy videos make the course well-structured and digestible. The examples of his own work and experiences make the whole course experience practical and I was eager to apply them right away. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with distractions and getting things done, efficiently."

Elnura Ashimova

Founder of 8minyoga

"Super useful crash course about working in the modern world. The rules have changed and this course tackles productivity and remote working from every angle. One piece of advice that stuck with me the most was the importance of setting expectations and healthy boundaries around work, life, and relationships." 

Prakhar Verma

Writer and Coach at

About Your Instructor

There are a lot of "experts" on the internet who teach all kinds of things. I'm always skeptical about what I read and hear. Also, Who you learn from matters equally as what you learn. I recommend learning from teachers who've done something themselves. 

My background is in business. I received my Master's Degree in Business Administration from one of the top universities in The Netherlands (RuG) in 2011. While I was writing my thesis, I started a company called Vartex with my dad. We started importing professional laundry equipment but are now building our own operating systems and software for that industry. 

In 2015, I started my blog and teaching online courses. I don't talk about earnings on my blog because it's misleading. What matters is that we provide value. But several people have asked about my income, and I'm happy to share some recent figures with you.

It's an honor to serve readers with content they find valuable. To me, that's the most important thing. I would continue that without the money. If you doubt that, take a look at my site. I published two articles a week for two years without earning much from it. In addition to earning with my articles and website, I also sell 5 books, have partnerships with different sites, and offer several online courses. 

More About What Others Say

"The Work First course provides a solid framework on how to efficiently organize your work. The principles explained are especially useful if you are a freelance and, therefore, you have high freedom on your schedule but, some of them, can be applied also by employees in corporations.

A broad variety of topics is examined such as motivation, effective goal setting, how to avoid procrastination and how to make the best use of our limited time. Real life examples and practical tips help to better understand how to apply what is explained in your daily schedule, while allowing the listener to personally relate to what is said.

The content is clear and well organized, with short and easy to digest "mini-lessons." I particularly liked the possibility to download the audios and then listen to them offline from my phone. I definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants to organize their work in a more efficient way and be more productive." 

Davide Valenza

Digital Marketeer, Performance Enabler and Blogger at

"Darius’ course is truly amazing. I’ve been working from home for over 6 weeks and could totally relate to all his material. As someone who is also working on my own business next to my 9-5, I loved how Darius ties the course into productivity in general, developing good habits, and adopting the right mindset. It’s not just about working from home, it’s also about work, period." 

Joseph Mavericks

Blogger at

"Darius' timing with this course is impeccable. With many of us now working from home for the first time, having a guide like this has brought back excitement to my life in this time of uncertainty. Each lesson is packed with practical actions you can take to become effective while working from home. Get this course, you will not regret it. Thanks Darius for all the value you continue to provide."

Warrick Bowman

Sales Support Representative

Watch. Listen. Do.

You can also consume the Work First course on a mobile app for iOS and Android. Everyone learns in a different way. That's why you decide how to study. You get access to video and audio lessons.

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